Phoenix JUG: JBoss Rules – Apollo Group Inc

Tim Shadel, an IT Manager at Apollo Group Inc, did a JBoss Rules presentation for the Pheonix JUG and made the pdf available in his blog, which I have also made available here. Apollo Group Inc is a S&P 500 company that provides adult education services. The stats he provides in the presentation make for interesting read so I’ve reproduced them below.

Background: National Qualiyfing Centre

  • 200,000+ phone calls per day
  • ~400 qualifying specialists
  • 70+ ground campuses
  • ~6,000 enrollment counselors
  • ~500 specialized groups
    • Geography
    • Program
    • Bachkelor’s, Master’s, etc.

Rules are used for:

  • Routing
  • Managing the call script


  • 700+ routing rules
  • ~450,000 test scenarios
  • ~2.5mins test execution
  • => ~3,000 scnearios/second (3 scenarios/millisecond)


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