Full house at Drools SkillsMatter Session

The SkillsMatter session last night was a full house, people even came back after the half way break, the fools ­čśë So thank you everyone for making the effort to come and listen; I hope you all enjoyed it.

SkillsMatter should be putting up the presentation video soonish, however I don’t think it will be worth while watching, I couldn’t get the video project to display my presentations properly; all the text and lines where pixelated and colour wasn’t showing through ­čÖü

The slides are available here

It’s really hard to get across the basic theory of an expert system and then demo enough of the system that the audience feels they have a basic understanding of the capabilities of the system – in just two hours! I hope I got a reasonable balance. Anyway SkillsMatter have asked me if I’d like to come back and do some specialist sessions, to which I said yes – so expect me to come back to spend 2 hours talking about specific aspects of the Drools, for those already with the basics and wanting to understand more; please let us know what you’d like to see more of.

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