Drools download stats

We are now half way through the month, so I thought I would checkout the download stats for August, the results are very promising 🙂

8.3K drools-4.0.0-bin.zip
5K drools-4.0.0-brms-standalone.zip
4K drools-4.0.0-src.zip
2.6K drools-4.0.0-brms.zip

For our next major release we are trying for a short release period, before the end of this year, where we are focusing on Decision Services, which should help give us an even broader appeal as we become an important piece of software in any SOA strategy. I’ll provide more details on this later but the release will include analytics, testing and decision tables for the BRMS as well as a number of wizards and form editors to help with end to end automation with close to zero code.

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