Drools in Antarctica (Michael Neale)

I am a regular listener to the JavaPosse – if you listen to podcasts, I strongly recommend them (I listen to them when at the gym – as their episode lengths are perfect for that).

They had a very interesting interview with Josh Reed – a hacker who spent some time working in Antarctica (!). He is the developer of PSICAT – a graphical application that is used to record the rock strata from drill cores (in Antarctica) – ie an important scientific tool (and open source). He built this using Eclipse RCP, and Drools was mentioned as providing data analysis (he mentioned Eclipse RCP with GEF and Drools as the key technologies).

Once again, this is an application of rules that I struggle to understand, but can appreciate the importance of. Kudos to Josh for making this an open source tool for the greater good of the scientific community in its exploration of Antarctica (for NON OIL purposes !).

PSICAT is also an award winning RCP app – well done !

On an unrelated note, I just returned to work from 3 weeks holiday – I don’t remember the last time I had 3 weeks off in a row, and my brain is taking its time getting back into gear, but it is good to be back (must have been a good holiday then). I am looking forward to getting stuck into the testing and analysis/QA components.


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