Synasc, Business Rules Forum and RuleML

Members of the Drools team will be at three conferences during September and October. Being a globally dispersed team we’ll also be using this time to do plenty of R&D, so if you want to get together for some really heavy technical stuff, then you know where to go :) Of course we’ll also chat about our stuff, at any level, to just about anyone who will listen :)

Synasc 2007 ( September 26-29, 2007 )
9th International Symposium on Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for Scientific Computing
Timisoara, Romania

Kris and myself will be at Synasc 2007, where there will be a 2 hour intermediate Drools session with a focus on declarative programming.

Business Rules Forum and RuleML2007 (October 21-26, 2007)
Orlando, USA

Edson and myself will be attending both conferences, I’m also on panel with a preliminary title “Rule Interchange and Applications:Practice and Opportunities”.


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