Drools and SBVR

During my time at the Business Rules Forum and RuleML I met a big company, one of America’s largest medical insurance companies, and they are very interested in funding a SBVR authoring environment for Drools, possible utilising the existing (but inactive) SBeaVer project. For those that don’t know SBVR is a standard for representing rules using a structured natural language approach.

We are currently looking to create a group of stake holders, managed by the existing SBVR group, who would be interested in funding this work to make a usable reference implementation authoring environment for the SBVR spec. If you are interested and able to help, or know someone that might be interested and able to help, then please email me mproctor a@t redhat d0t com. The idea is to finding initial phased funding for the work and to provide an ongoing maintenance fund. The SBVR group are currently evaluating a number of 3rd parties to undertake this development effort, once funding has been resolved.


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