Just Java 2007 Slides

Yesterday (October 3rd) I had the pleasure to speak to a awesome audience at the Just Java 2007 Conference in Brazil. The presentation was oriented to a technical audience and as such, I had the opportunity to show rules being written on the fly as suggested by the audience during the demo and it was a great experience (at least for me) :).

Here you can find the slides (in Portuguese) I used during the presentation.
Here you can find the latest docs for the Drools examples, including a version of the Sudoku we used during the presentation.

Thanks to all the attendants. I hope you enjoyed.

Tomorrow (October 5th) I will do another presentation, this time focusing on a broader vision of the architecture of systems using rules engines and how it fits modern solution architectures, like SOA. For those interested, presentation will happen at 01:00 PM on Auditory 1.


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