Drools November Download Stats

For 3 consecutive months in a row we’ve had approximately 20K download attempts for -bin.zip, what is interesting though is that the BRMS has a lot more download attempts this month, likewise Eclipse, especially if you combine the eclipse3.3 and eclipse3.2 download attempts; that’s almost 22K eclipse download attempts. so over all I’m really pleased 🙂

20230 drools-4.0.3-bin.zip
14822 drools-4.0.3-brms.zip
14297 drools-4.0.3-eclipse3.3.zip
13477 drools-4.0.3-src.zip
8313 drools-4.0.3-examples.zip
7501 drools-4.0.3-eclipse3.2.zip

Let’s hope that the features we have planned in 4.1.0 in Q1 will help us break that 20K barrier for the -bins 🙂


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