Google Summer of Code Deadlines extended

The GSoC application deadlines have been extended until 7th of April, as detailed here. I preveiously discussed the Drools GSoC projects here. For the lazy I’m listing those below again, so please hurry about get your applications in here:

  • Subversion/CVS and JCR synchronisation. This allows our web based BRMS, called Guvnor, to synchronise it’s content with what’s used in an IDE, such as Eclipse
  • Eclipse file upload tool with meta-data properties editing. You should be able to right click a file or a folder and upload to the web based Guvnor. Previously uploaded files(assets) should be recognised and uploaded as a modify.
  • SBVR, structured natural language, implementation for Drools. Can do either or both the frontend or the backend.
  • Eclipse tooling enhancements including any of the following: search, refactoring, reformatting.
  • Animate the Rete view to represent network propagation.
  • Improve the DSL capabilities of Drools, supporting more complex grammars.
  • Improve the Guvnor, web based BRMS, to handle the management of more asset types. Including images, video, sound etc. Guvnor involves JCR, Seam and GWT work.
  • Create a Web based process designer for Drools ruleflow using GWT Designer.
  • Web based, GWT, Audit viewer.


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