ILog releases Java to C# source translator as open source.

Daniel Selman has blogged that ILog (makers of the JRules BRMS) are releasing their Java to C# source converter as open source.

This is great news, and kudos to them for doing it as open source (Eclipse Licence – EPL).

ILog have been supporting the .Net platform for some time, and this tool was obviously key to that. In the .Net “world”, they are able to do deep integration with Microsoft Office tools (for example, rules editing in MS word).

Its certainly an interesting tool worth looking into. We have had some success with the IKVM project, allowing java bytecodes to run in .Net (with minimal source porting) for Drools.Net but this source translation approach is also a very interesting (and possibly very efficient) alternative.

Prior to Mark and myself working on Drools fulltime, we both spent some time in .Net land (that was some years ago now – I feel out of touch with progress on that platform). Integration with office productivity tools interest me, something that Microsoft alone seem to have managed to make so easy and effective.

Thanks for ILog for releasing this !

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