A REST API for Drools

Part of the work for the Drools 5 repository is a Rest API – to allow content to be accessed remotely. The initial purpose of this is to let assets in the repository be synced with files in a developers workspace.

Rest turns out to be a perfect fit, we have the usual verbs:

PUT: update content (create a new version).
POST: create a new asset
DELETE: delete an asset
GET: retrieve asset content, or package listing

All actions are of course in the context of a package – but this is all specified by the url:


So for instance, doing a PUT to: http:///api/packages/SomePackage/SomeAsset.drl will update the content of the SomeAsset.drl.

This may be terribly useful to some, terribly un-interesting to others, but at the very least people should appreciate the ability to get and update content to files/workspace from the repository without error prone import processes.

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