Work has already begun on GuvnorNG, which is the next generation web framework for Drools, which will hopefully be delivered next year. GuvnorNG is being written to provide the foundations for the JBoss SOA Platform governance tooling, so we need to make every aspect of it pluggable. So it’ll have pluggable viewers and editors, be more flexible on the content types it can store and support dashboard layouts. Mike Brock, the MVELauthor, is the main person behind this at the moment. It’s very early stages and Mike is working on the foundations, particularly state management and pluggability. He has made a screen caste so people can see it working, notice at the end how the refresh does not lose any state. You can find the Screencast here.

As always Mike is looking for contributors, it’s a very interesting project that can be usable standalone, outside of Drools, for any enterprise to develop their governance software and dashboards with.


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