New DroolsTab geo-information tool release

DroolsTab is a tab plug-in to the open source ontology editor Protege ( Version18.08.2008 has just been released. It uses the open source geo-information system Java library OpenMap ( and the open source Java RETE rule engine Drools ( It can be used for visual authoring of the complex spatial process simulation scenarios and general rule base authoring. It includes several demo examples of spatial simulation in the sea, air and ground environments.

New features:

  • parallel-consecutive “tasks” instead of only consecutive “phases”,
  • “signal transmission” between scenarios and/or rule sets,
  • using Protege server for remote signal transmission,
  • better documentation,- scenario development support.

New examples:

  • “Terrorist Location Distribution”,
  • “Road Traffic”,
  • “Remote Police Work” (using Protege server),
  • spatial scenario simulation server.


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