Nationwide Insurance to give Drools Blog

GoogleAlert just let me know that Nationwide
are doing a Drools presentation at the Central Ohio Java Users Group on the 14th of October. The details can be found here, and I’ve pasted them below. It’s really nice to see other members in the community promoting the use of Drools, especially a big brand name like Nationwide:

when: 10/14/2008 | 11:30 – 12:30
Event titleJBoss (Drools) Rules Engine in J2EE Enterprise Applications
Where: OCLC’s Kilgour building private dinning room – Dublin
Category: 2008 Meetings

Provides a glossary view of rules engine. Some comparison between BRMS and Traditional Rules Engine (embedded). A quick look at JBoss Rules, different ways to represent the rules and some highlights of the overall programming environment.


Name: Keith Ebare
JobTitle: Consulting, IT Architect
Company: Nationwide P&C
Technical Area of Interest: J2EE and usage/applicability of open source products

Name: Anu Alwar
Job Title: Consulting IT Architect
Company: Nationwide P&C

Implementation of rules engines for externalizing business rules in a j2ee application.
Masters in Computer Science from Ohio State University. About 13 years of IT experience with about 10 in j2ee.

         <table width="100%"><tbody><tr>      <td colspan="3">Location </td>     </tr>     <tr>      <td>Venue</td>    <td colspan="2"><a href=";Itemid=27&amp;func=shlocevents&amp;locatid=5">OCLC's Kilgour building private dinning room</a></td>     </tr>     <tr>       <td>Homepage: </td>       <td>           <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"></a>          </td>       <td rowspan="3">             </td>     </tr>         <tr>       <td>Street: </td>       <td>6565 Kilgour Place</td>     </tr>     <tr>       <td>ZIP: </td>       <td>43017-3395</td>     </tr>     <tr>       <td>City </td>       <td colspan="2">Dublin</td>     </tr>     <tr>       <td>Country: </td>       <td>OH</td></tr></tbody></table>


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