Semantic SOA

So was talking to my friend Benjamin Grosof, ex MIT Sloan Professor, from Paul Allen’s cutting edge research company Vulcan Inc. While talking about next generation stuff he introduced me to the concept of Semantic SOA, he personally believes this will be the next big thing. It took a while for the concept to sink in, but once it did I was shocked to my core over the possible impact of such technology. Unfortunately he’s twisted my arm, so I can’t talk about it further 🙁 But I’d be very interested to here what other people think this is about, and whether Gartner or other analysts have picked up on this yet.

update (7th of Nov 2009): heh, this was a hoax for a bit of fun. While at BRF I mentioned that I’m pushing the term “Business Logic” for a product that was neither rule centric or process centric. So our minds went wandering about other possible names, then obviously we thought it would be funny if we combine the hype of Semantic Web with the hype of SOA and see the response 🙂


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