Drools Boot Camp 2009

After the success of the last Drools Boot Camp we’ve been under pressure to do another one. Location and date are not yet set, but initially I’m thinking we would continue to do this in the USA and this time wound be towards the end of May.

Last time I left it very informal, as I really wasn’t sure if people would turn up, and I didn’t want to formalise anything so as not to disappoint. As it turned out many people where there for the duration of the entire event. Which has given me the confidence to run something a bit more formal this year and promote it better, so our community can get more out of the core development team. So please do leave comments on this, for your preferences and ideas.

Drools Boot Camp 2009

Please do use the poll on the top right side panel if you are able to go. Also if you want me to run a poll for any other questions, on possible ideas for the event, then let me know.


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