More translations

There are some more translations in the works, thanks to some community members:

  • Japanese by Shigeaki Wakizaka
  • Simplified Chinese by Richard Qin

I have committed these into trunk, but they are not yet available as part of the build while they are worked on/reviewed etc. But you can find them in the messages package, and its possible for people to enable them. Soon we will bake it into the build so they are available the usual way (via locale settings).

(below is a screenshot of the Japanese version running in Google Chrome)The main downside is the extra build times for GWT (and slight increase of war size – as GWT essentially builds different front ends (so the end user doesn’t pay a price for all the versions available). But no one else should notice any downside to this.

If you are interested in helping out, take a look at them (any changes should be against the trunk version if possible).


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