The BPM Technology Convergence

Winston Dhanraj, over at ZDNET, has run two articles on BPM technology convergence, where he discussed rules and process integration and gives a nod to the direction Drools is heading and it’s role in helping industry adoption of these ideas. It’s an interesting articles, and Winston definitely seems to be singing from the Drools hymn sheet, as this is a vision we have been pushing for a while now.
The BPM Technology Convergence – I
The BPM Technology Convergence – II

“A Converged or Unified Process & Rules Engine brings forth a few striking capabilities by virtue of it being “Rule driven”.

The BPM industry is taking note of innovations such as the one we have discussed – a Unified process & rules engine platform for deploying BPM solutions.”

The technology however has some compelling merits. It seems to directly address the heart of real world BPM problems of dynamic process configurability or context driven adaptable/agile process flows and consistent process and rule versioning”

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