Drools on Twitter & San Francisco

This is for those who are either on twitter, or coming to the San Francisco boot camp (or both !).

I have been on twitter for some time (as michaelneale, markproctor is also there..), and find it both fun and useful. One of the things that sucked me into it was in San Francisco for java one last year – keeping track of what was going on and where people were etc… This can be done via web interfaces, a million phone and desktop apps, or even SMS itself…

So I have created a DroolsRules twitter account: http://twitter.com/DroolsRules for drools things – follow this to be notified of what is happening, specifically to do with the boot camp if you are coming (or are just curious).

Now, one other nice thing, is if you follow it, I can follow you back: send a “direct message” to DroolsRules and it will be echoed to other followers.

If this is all wierd jargon to you, don’t sweat, its simpler then it sounds !

See some of you soon in SF !


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