Miss Manners 2009: yet another drools-solver example

A couple of weeks ago James Owen proposed a larger Miss Manners benchmark for rule engines on his blog.
Last weekend he posted the first dataset, so this weekend I took it upon myself to implement this “Manners 2009” as an example in drools-solver.

In Manners 2009, miss Manners is throwing a party again.

  • This time she invited 144 guests and prepared 12 round tables with 12 seats each.
  • Every guest should sit next to someone (left and right) of the opposite gender.
  • And that neighbour should have at least one hobby in common with the guest.
  • Also, this time there should be 2 politicians, 2 doctors, 2 socialites, 2 sports stars, 2 teachers and 2 programmers at each table.
  • And the 2 politicians, 2 doctors, 2 sports stars and 2 programmers shouldn’t be the same kind.

Drools-solver solves this planning problem.
Here’s a screenshot of a result of a table in drools-solver:

As you can see, all constraints are met. I estimate I’ve implemented this example in roughly 14 working hours (including the GUI work). So, with drools-solver, planning problems are easy!


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