Drools Video Series Released

My name is Ray Ploski. I’ve been a JBoss Solutions Architect for some time. It’s a fantastic job – I get to play with all the technologies produced by JBoss, learn how our customers are using the technologies and to solve real world problems and then share these ideas with you. When I first started to learn more about how people were using Drools in combination with traditional Java development I was blown away with the power and simplicity the technology brought to even the most complex (or even simple) business use cases.

If you wonder “What is a rule engine?”, “Why is this different/better to an ‘if’ statement”, “Where do I get started?” or “How do I learn more?” I’ve released a series of videos to introduce you to the project and its technologies:

Introduction to Drools Expert:
Expert is the core rule engine central to the Drools project. In this video we’ll walk through the concepts relating to Facts, Rules, Agendas and Working Memory as well as how one sets up and debugs a Drools project within Eclipse. Learn how to use audit trails. (Video in Hi-Res or Low-Res)

Introduction to Drools Guvnor:
Guvnor is a centralized repository with rich web-based graphical user interfaces to create and manage your logic. In this video we walk through features of searching, creating, testing and deploying knowledge based assests. (Video in Hi-Res or Low-Res)

Introduction to Drools Fusion:
Fusion is an extension to the Drools engine enables Complex Event Processing and Temporal Reasoning. In this video we walk through the concepts introduced with Fusion as well as walk through an example. (Video in Hi-Res or Low-Res)

Introduction to Drools Flow:
Flow provides workflow and process capabilities to Drools. The project tightly integrates rules with business process. In this video we walk through the tooling and concepts involved with flow including step-wise debugging. (Video in Hi-Res or Low-Res)

Hopefully you will share my enthusiasm and excitement of what you can accomplish with Drools. There will be more, short clips added soon on topics such as: Decision Tables, creating your own Work Items, What’s new in Drools 5, Commands within Expert, Guvnor/Eclipse Integration. What else would you like to see?


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