October Rules Fest 2009

Just a reminder for the readers, it is time to register for the best technical conference on Business Rules related technologies out there:

The October Rules Fest 2009

For those that missed the 2008 conference, this is the technical conference on the subject and gathers in the same place to present their work the minds that have been defining this field in the last 30 years. Yes, we are talking about Dr Charles Forgy himself, Gary Riley and the whole lot of researchers and professionals both from the industry as well as academy for, as James like to say, a conference with “no fluff, just stuff”.

The focus of this conference is strictly technical, so expect to see a lot of applied research, industry solutions and don’t be afraid of code. It is like a full week broad tutorial on the subject.

Drools will be there too, with four presentations:

  • Production Rule Systems – Where do we go from here? (Mark Proctor)
  • Distributed Programming with Rule Engines (Mark Proctor)
  • Extending General Purpose Engines with Domain Specific Resources (Edson Tirelli)
  • Temporal Reasoning: a requirement for CEP (Edson Tirelli)

Hope to see you all there!


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