Drools JBoss Rules 5.0 Flow (Part 2)

“Drools JBoss Rules 5.0 Flow (Part 2)

In this two-part article by Michal Bali, we’ll look at Drools flow in detail by building a loan approval process. In the first part we covered: faults, subflows, and decisions.

In this part of the article we’ll cover: Transfer Funds work Item, human tasks, and other aspects of ruleflow.”


  • Develop rules-based business logic using the Drools platform
  • Discover the power of Drools as a platform for developing business rules
  • Build a custom engine to provide real-time capability and reduce the complexity in implementing rules
  • Explore Drools modules such as Drools Expert, Drools Fusion, and Drools Flow, which adds event processing capabilities to the platform
  • Execute intelligent business logic with ease using JBoss/Drools, a stronger business-rules solution
  • Covers examples of a fraud detection system utilizing Drools CEP (Complex Event Processing) capabilities



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