Some articles from Java Beans dot Asia

Java Beans dot Asia is building up a nice set of Drools articles, so I thought I’d list them here, quoting opening paragraph from each article. I notice a few could do with updating to Drools 5.0, so I’m looking forward to the updates – keep up the good work.

Drools – writing DSL for DRL rule
“One of the blog readers, who posted a comment in my previous post Drools – tutorial on writing DSL template asked to me to help him with creating DSL for the following rule, so I decided to use his example as a small case study:”

Brainteaser Drools: Testing Objects
Which of the two rules does valid comparison of the two Customer instances?
Which of the two rules is invalid? Why?

Drools – tutorial on writing DSL template
Few months ago I wrote a post that describes an example that uses source DRL in conjunction with DSL template. In the current post, I want to describe and show with few examples how to write DSL template – whats allowed and whats not.

Drools – Stop executing current agenda group and all rules
Sometimes, depends on your business rules in your application, there is a need to stop current agenda group or all rules from continuing to execute. It wont help setting a focus to another agenda group, since previous agenda will still remain in a stack. So in this post I want to show how to prevent rules in a particular agenda group from continuing to execute by clearing the agenda and also how to stop all rules totally.

Drools – working with Stateless session
Drools (now it is also called JBoss Rules) is an amazing open source framework which allows you to create business rules management system for your application. I got introduced to Drools while working on a project at my current company.


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