Drools “Where do we go from here” – presented at ORF09

I just delivered my presentation that gives a glimpse into the dark and scary regions of my head, where all the crazy ideas live. It was a hard presentation to write and deliver, as many of the ideas I have no solutions for yet and hadn’t tried to formally explain them before other than in a light hearted conversation over a beer. So suddenly when I actually had to formalise the explanations I realised why no one understands me and their eyes gloss over most of the time when I discuss this stuff 🙂

Where do we go from here


  • Syntax Improvements
  • “else”
  • “otherwise”
  • Logical closures
  • Logical modify
  • Duration, repetition and cron
  • Execution groups
  • MVCC and Transactions
  • POSL – Positional and Slotted Language
  • Federated querries
  • Truth Maintenance System
  • Semantics
  • Sequencing
  • Composition
  • Auditing
  • Backward chaining / Lazy Fact / Field initialisation.
  • Uncertaintity


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