October Rules Fest 2009: Recap

And the October Rules Fest 2009 is finished. One of the best conferences I had the pleasure to attend so far. We had the presence of the great names in the area of business rules, vendors, researchers and users. Not only was possible to learn a lot from the sessions and talks themselves, but during the intervals and pub hours, I had the pleasure to talk to all the smart and nice people that were attending to the conference.

For those that missed, here you can find the recaps of the sessions:

My talks (with Adam Mollenkopf co-presenting on the CEP session) were:

  • Extending General Purpose Engines with Domain Specific Resources(here) (here) and (slides)
  • Temporal Reasoning: a requirement for CEP(here) (here) and (slides)

Mark already published about one of his talks and I am sure he will publish about the other.

I am already eagerly awaiting for the next year’s conference!

Hats off to James Owen, Greg Barton and all the others that helped making it a reality.


[PS: I will update this post with my slides as soon as they are uploaded]


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