Should we rename Drools Solver to Drools Planner?

Drools Solver solves planning problems. The problem is that developers can’t seem to find it when they are looking for a library to help with their problems, such as nurse rostering, bin packaging, course scheduling, … Only when someone tells them what Drools Solver does, they react with “yes, that’s what I am looking for”.

According to wikipedia, a Solver is a software tool for ‘solving’ mathematical systems of equations.

  • Drools Solver is specifically designed for planning problems, so the term “solver” is too broad.
  • It’s not equations based, but score rules based (which is more developer friendly).
  • It’s confusing with the Excel solver or solver, which do solve equations.

So Solver is not the best name.

So I propose to rename it to “Drools Planner”.

  • Pro:

    • “Planning problem” is the only common name I can think of for its use cases.
    • A good meme could be “Drools Planner optimizes your resources.”
  • Against:

    • Maven dependencies change from drools-solver to drools-planner
    • Need to replace all imports (but that will be clearly documented in UpgradeFromPreviousVersionRecipe.txt).

Do you think it’s a good idea to rename “Drools Solver” to “Drools Planner”?
Or maybe you can think of a better name?


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