CHEF: A Model of Case-based Planning

The original CHEF application for Case Based Reasoning (CBR) makes for an interesting read and is covered in the Expert Systems book (Peter Jackson) . I just found the original paper online, so I thought I’d share it. Maybe someone could start doing a CHEF implementation on top of Drools?

“CHEF is a case-based planner that builds new plans out of its
memory of old ones. CHEF’s domain is Szechwan cooking and its
task is to build new recipes on the basis of a user’s requests. CHEF’s
input is a set of goals for different tastes, textures, ingredients and
types of dishes and its output is a single recipe that satisfies all of its
goals. Its output is a single plan, in the form of a recipe, that satisfies
all of the users goals.

Before searching for a plan to modify, CHEF examines the goals in
its input and tries to anticipate any problems that might arise while
planning for them. If a failure is predicted, CHEF adds a goal to avoid
the failure to its list of goals to satisfy and this new goal is also used
to search for a plan. Because plans are indexed in memory by the
problems they avoid, this prediction can be used to find a plan that
solves the predicted problem. Much of CHEF’s planning power lies
in this ability to predict and thus avoid failures it has encountered


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