April 19th Boot Camp to be open to all

We will now be opening the boot camp up to all, for the last 3 days. The boot camp was previously announced here. The over all schedule is below. I’ll be putting up a registration wiki page up on line in the next day or two, like last years which you can fine here. Keep an eye on the blog for more info soon.

We are looking for people that would like to present, take a focus group or workshop. The topics can be on drools, or how drools is applied, or on projects that use drools, or just general interesting topics for rules, workflow, event processing and ontologies – anything you think the people there would be interested in. Email me if you would like to present
Where – San Diego, CA (meeting place tbc)
– Monday the 19th of April to Friday the 23rd of April


  • Mon-Tue (medical only) The the first two days are exclusive to the medical community and only people from medical organisations or with a medical background will be allowed to attend.
  • Wed (medical focus – open to all) The third day will still maintain a medical theme, wrapping up the last two days, but we will open it up for those that want to observe or participate. We will try and cover topics that will be interesting to all there, even if not from medical background, just be aware that medical discussions take priority.
  • Thu-Fri (general topics – open to all) The last two days is open to all and will have no specific topic

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