April 19th Drools Meeting 2 day medical/healthcare exclusive, 3 day general topics


What: Week long meeting, with 2 day medical/healthcare exclusive, 1 day open to all with medical slant, 2 day open to all all general topics.

Where: 10210 Campus Point Drive, San Diego, CA 92121-1598 (SAIC Corporation Headquarters)

Monday the 19th of April to Friday the 23rd of April

Previous Boot Camps:
San Francisco June 2009

Registration: http://community.jboss.org/wiki/DroolsBootCampSanDiegoApril2010
The boot camp is free, you only need to turn up, but please register here, http://community.jboss.org/wiki/DroolsBootCampSanDiegoApril2010. This page also is a live and more informed version of the information contained here – please read it thoroughly.

Who Should Attend: See the registration page above for more detailed information.


Mon-Tue (medical only)
The the first two days are exclusive to the medical and healthcare communities and only people from medical and healthcare organisations or with a medical background will be allowed to attend.

Wed (medical slant – open to all)
Keynote – James Taylor (Smart Enough Systems) “Smarter systems for uncertain times”.

The third day will still maintain a medical slant, wrapping up the last two days, but we will open it up for those that want to observe or participate. We will try and cover topics that will be interesting to all there, even if not from medical background, just be aware that medical discussions take priority. It is recommended that most people start on the Wednesday, especially as we have an excellent keynote speaker for everyone.

Thu-Fri (general topics – open to all)
The last two days is open to all and will hvae no specific topic. It is likely we’ll repeat a few talks from mon-tue that are relevant to new comers.


Other than the Wednesday keynote with James Taylor, we do not yet have dates and times allocated for talks, as we are still waiting for all talks to be proposed. So if you are thinking of talking, hurry up and let us know 🙂 (see registration page for more info). The registration page will be kept up to date with talks, and contains information and ideas on talks we’d like people to give; basically anything you think people attending will be interested in – it does not have to be drools specific. The current proposed talks are:

James Taylor (Decision Management Solutions)Wed 9am Key Note : Smarter systems for uncertain times
Mark Proctor (JBoss)Intro to Drools 5
Mark Proctor (JBoss)Rule Authoring Techniques
Mark Proctor (JBoss)Spring, Camel and OSGi integration
Kris Verlaenen (JBoss)

Building Domain Specific Workflows for Clinical Decision Support
Kris Verlaenen (JBoss)Dynamic Fragments for Non-Linear Execution of Adaptive Processes
Edson Tirelli (JBoss)Applying Complex Event Processing
Davide Sottara (University of Bologna)Hybrid Ontologies
Davide Sottara (University of Bologna)Enhancing Rules with Uncertainty and Vagueness
Ken Kawamoto (Duke University)Clinical Decision Support with HL7 and Drools


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