CHR 2010 (Constraint Handling Rules)

I’ll be a guest speaker at this years CHR 2010.

CHR 2010 – The Seventh International Workshop on Constraint Handling Rules.

“The CHR 2010 Workshop will be held July 20, 2010 in Edinburgh (Scotland) at the occasion of ICLP 2010 (part of FLoC 2010), the premier international venue for presenting research in logic programming.

The Constraint Handling Rules (CHR) language has become a major declarative specification formalism and implementation language for constraint reasoning algorithms and applications. Algorithms are often specified using inference rules, rewrite rules, sequents, proof rules, or logical axioms that can be directly written in CHR. Its clean semantics facilitates program design, analysis, and transformation. See the CHR website for more information.

Invited Speaker

     <img src="" alt="new!" style="float: left; margin: 0pt 10px 10px 0pt;" />     We are privileged to announce a distinguished invited speaker this  year: Mark Proctor,     lead of the thriving, innovating <a href="">JBoss Drools</a> project.     He will be introducing the <em>Drools Business Logic integration  Platform</em>,     a fully featured business rule engine and management system that      seamlessly integrates powerful Complex Event Processing and workflow  capabilities."


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