Drools OSS Meeting 19th – 23rd of April now at the Hacienda Hotel (San Diego)

Due to unexpected levels of attendance we’ve moved the event from the provided location to a larger one. This provided the opportunity to locate the event at a hotel, so people can stay in the same building as the meeting. We are now located at the Hacienda Hotel in Old Town, near plenty of restaurants and a trolley bus to Down Town which is 10 minutes away. So if you have booked another hotel I would recommend you cancel it and relocate to the Hacienda.

A special hotel rate of $110 per night is available under the booking reference “Drools”, but hurry as space is limited and we have not done any block reservations. The event itself is free of charge. Breakfast will be provided each morning, as part of the conference, and coffee will be available throughout the day. If anyone would like to sponsor lunch, let me know 🙂 mproctor at codehaus d0t org.

Hacienda Hotel (4041 Harney Street • San Diego, CA 92110 • 800-888-1991)

Details of the conference can be found at the registration page here:

The meeting is really shaping up with many top names attending:
JBoss, OSDE (Argentinian Healthcare), AT&T, SAIC, Kaiser, VA, Naval Health Research Center, Clinica, Decision Management Solutions, University of Utah / VA, Intermountain Healthcare, termMed IT, Versatile Systems, GE Healthcare, Open Health Data, Pharmacy OneSource, Wake Forest University Health Science, Recondo Technology, Zementis, University of Maryland, University of Bologna, Duke University.

We have the most excellent James Taylor key noting on Wednesday, with many other interesting talks planned:

James Taylor (Decision Management Solutions)Wed 9am Key Note : Smarter systems for uncertain times
Mark Proctor (JBoss)Intro to Drools 5
Mark Proctor (JBoss)Rule Authoring Techniques
Mark Proctor (JBoss)Spring, Camel and OSGi integration
Kris Verlaenen (JBoss)

Building Domain Specific Workflows for Clinical Decision Support
Kris Verlaenen (JBoss)Dynamic Fragments for Non-Linear Execution of Adaptive Processes
Edson Tirelli (JBoss)Applying Complex Event Processing
Davide Sottara (University of Bologna)Hybrid Ontologies
Davide Sottara (University of Bologna)Enhancing Rules with Uncertainty and Vagueness
Ken Kawamoto (Duke University)Clinical Decision Support with HL7 and Drools
Emory Fry (NHRC)Delivering Real-Time Clinical Decision Support
Joe White (Recondo Techology)Healthcare EDI Processing Using Drools
Kostas Stathatos (Zementis)Drools & Predictive Analytics: Follow Your Rules and Listen to Your Data

Monday and Tuesday are focused on the medical/healthcare industries, but Wednesday onwards are open to all.


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