Glazed Lists examples for Drools Live Querries

A while back I talked about the new features with Drools for Live querries:

Where you could open a query in Drools and receive event notifications for added, deleted and upated rows. I mentioned this could be used with Glazed Lists for filtering, sorting and transformation.

I just added a unit test to Drools, which people can use as a template for their own Drools integration with Glazed Lists. The test is based on the one in QueryTest.testOpenQuery():

The EventList implemention itself is very simple. At the moment it backs onto an ArrayList and uses linear searches for the updates and removes. Because Drools is likely to have a high volume of changes it should probably be backed by a HashMap or something for constant levels of performance for those lookups.

public class DroolsEventList extends AbstractEventList implements ViewChangedEventListener {
List data = new ArrayList();

public Row get(int index) {
return index );

public int size() {

public void rowAdded(Row row) {
int index = size();
updates.elementInserted(index, row);
boolean result = data.add(row);

public void rowRemoved(Row row) {
int index = row );
Row removed = data.remove( index );
updates.elementDeleted(index, removed);

public void rowUpdated(Row row) {
int index = row );
updates.elementUpdated(index, row, row);

Creating and using the EventList is also trivial, here is a snippet from the test using the SortedEventList:

        DroolsEventList list = new DroolsEventList();
// Open the LiveQuery
LiveQuery query = ksession.openLiveQuery( "cheeses", new Object[] { "cheddar", "stilton" } , list );

SortedList sorted = new SortedList( list, new Comparator() {

public int compare(Row r1,
Row r2) {
Cheese c1 = ( Cheese ) r1.get( "stilton" );
Cheese c2 = ( Cheese ) r2.get( "stilton" );
return c1.getPrice() - c2.getPrice();

assertEquals( 3, sorted.size() );
assertEquals( 1, ((Cheese)sorted.get( 0 ).get( "stilton" )).getPrice() );
assertEquals( 2, ((Cheese)sorted.get( 1 ).get( "stilton" )).getPrice() );
assertEquals( 3, ((Cheese)sorted.get( 2 ).get( "stilton" )).getPrice() );


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