Don’t forget RuleFest October 2010

Don’t forget RuleFest 2010 this October. Edson, Kris and myself will
be there. And the event includes a one day bootcamp for those wanting to
discuss their projects with us or run over examples with us to hand.

Rules Fest brings you the best and brightest speakers from industry, academia, and private research to share practical knowledge and techniques for creating, utilizing, and managing software that incorporates rule engines, inference engines, logical reasoners, or other rule-based and reasoning technologies.

                                                                                                                               <p>                                              Rules Fest exists to serve the:                                           </p>                                           <ul><li>                                                 Architects                                              </li><li>                                                 Engineers,                                              </li><li>                                                 Developers, and                                              </li><li>                                                 Programmers                                              </li></ul>                                           <p>                                              who use these technologies to                                              solve complex information                                              processing and decision-making                                              problems.                                           </p><a href=""></a>

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