Add JBoss Drools Support In IntelliJ IDEA (leif.hanack) (leif.hanack)

Do you use Drools, a very popular rule engine? Do you use IntelliJ IDEA? Then this post might be interesting for you!

Peter Gromov showed me the power of custom file types. Another secret I discovered in the world’s greatest Java IDE.

I followed his advice and created a custom file type for DRL files.

Nice, isn’t it? Besides the coloring you get:

  • basic code completion (all configured keywords)
  • support braces, brackets, parens, string escapes
  • 4 different keyword sets (4 different colorings)
  • Comment/Uncomment lines (Mac: Command-/)
  • Block-Comment/Uncomment (Mac: Control-?)

You can easily import this IDEA drl file type with File > Import Settings... I didn’t tried to import them, so back up your settings please.

You want more? Go and vote for IDEA-24348.

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