Drools&jBPM Boot Camps 2011 USA and EMEA (Rules, Workflow, Event Processing and Ontologies)

We are looking into an end of February date to do the next week long Boot Camp, location to be decided – proposals for USA so far are Chicago, Austin and Miami. The EMEA one will be Berlin, probably overlapping with the 2011 JudCon.

The last boot camp had a medical focus and was a huge success. We have more budget this year so hoping to build on that.

We are thinking of doing a Monday optional 1 day pre-conference “basics” day, to avoid repeating the “what is a process, what is a rule, what is an event” type talks. This also means we don’t bore returning people with repeated content and that everyone there has the basics.

Then follow up with 2 days of applied industry talks split into “vertical tracks”. Because of the high level of interest and success last time, we will run a dedicated 2 day Medical/Healthcare track again. Whether we run dedicated or mixed tracks for other verticals depends on interest and people’s willingness to present or organise and lead other verticals. I imagine initially we’d probably do mini tracks, say half a day per vertical. Some target verticals would be telecoms, commercial finance (trading), consumer finance (mortgage/insurance/loans), logistics.

 <p style="margin-bottom: 0cm;">The 4<sup>th</sup> day would then be       an       organised workshop day. We'll provide bootable USB keys for all in       attendance, so that we have a quick start off (previously we       wasted       hours getting everyone up and running with virtual images). The       workshops will allow people to go through the very basic examples       or       the more advanced examples and infrastructure set-up with us on       hand.       Those that have their own projects and just want to work on that       with       us on hand to offer help can do so too.<br />   </p>     <p style="margin-bottom: 0cm;">The 5<sup>th</sup> day will be more       of       an open floor. Some people will leave early, others will want to       continue working through the basic examples and making sure they       can       configure and set everything up. Others will want dedicated       discussion time to work on their own problems and ideas. In       general       it's the day where the developers will be on hand for what ever       anyone wants – you'll get out of it what you put in.<br />   <br />     If you       would like to present or even run and organise a vertical let me       know. In the past I've found for a vertical to work it needs a       well       connected industry person to chair it, so we definitely need       community people to take up the mantle here. Talks can either be       "What we did with Drools and/or jBPM" or "This is an       industry problem use case that could be solved with Drools and/or       jBPM" or just something that we think will be of interest to the       audience. The range of technologies covers (but not limited too)       rules (expert systems and other derivatives domains), workflow,       event       processing and ontologies.<br />   <br />     The event will again be free for       attendance. We are thinking of opening it up for sponsorship to       help       towards food and drink.<br />   <br />     So if you are interested in talking,       organising, sponsoring or just have some general input then let us       know - we want to progress in moving these events to a more       industry       focus and not pure technology, for that to happen we need YOU the       community.<br />   <br />     Mark<br />(mproctor at codehaus d0t org)<br />   </p>

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