Progress Savvion BRMS : Security and Performance Alert

Progress Savvion BRMS is built from an old and outdated version of JBoss Drools BRMS, JBoss is a Division of Red Hat. This is a small fact that Progress Savvion keep quiet, passing off the Drools work a their own.

Savvion BRMS users are urged to the move to newest release of Drools to receive the latest security and performance fixes. Only by downloading Drools from it’s original source, Red Hat, can they be sure they are getting the latest and greatest and the “Real Deal”.

In the opinion of the Drools team, who are the recognised authority on Drools, Progress Savvion are simply not capable of standing behind and supporting the sophisticated rule engine in Drools. If you want someone who can stand behind their product, then be sure to get Drools BRMS support from JBoss a division of Red Hat –

Drools 5.1

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