Getting started with jBPM5

With the release of jBPM 5.0 around the corner, lots of people are very eager to start using it. And luckily for us, they are willing to share their experience, so that other might be able to benefit as well. So here are some blogs you might find interesting if you’re getting started as well.

Vignesh has kindly created a “Getting started with jBPM 5” video. He’s put it up on his blog here.

“I once wrote a blog on setting up jBPM 3 with jBoss ESB which proved useful to lot of folks. Now I am going to present a similar one for the all-new jBPM5. There is indeed a huge difference between the two and I must admit that the new product stack is looking very good, loaded with many must-have options any BPM product should ship with.
I will write about all the technical insights in a separate post. One good news you should know is that the installation has got a lot easier in this version. Let’s just get started with jBPM 5, install it, and see it for ourselves.”

The guys at Plugtree have also created a tutorial that helps you create a process that includes variables, constraints, etc.

“This posts aims to teach the basics of modelling your processes into JBPM5. You’ll learn how to use the builtin Eclipse editor to create simple processes, with branching, joining, external variables and code constraints.”

Looking for even more? Here’s a post that groups a number of posts, videos and tutorials about jBPM5.

Enjoy !


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