JIRA-DROOLS Developer and Testing consultant (Job Advert)

I saw this job advertised and thought it looked pretty interesting, atleast different to other drools jobs I’ve seen advertised. It will be interesting to see what Drools based plugins for JIRA look like. So if anyone gets the job, do send us a case study :). The CTBTO is the “preparatory commission for the comprehensive nuclear-test-ban treaty organisation”


JIRA and Confluence development
•The consultant will design, develop, test and document modules and plugins for JIRA and DROOLS based on PTS requests. The modules for JIRA cover a wide range of possibilities, from simple GUI adjustments to complex system integration connectors to automatic workflow transitions to customized notifications to specific application functionalities including interfaces from JIRA to external systems and from external systems to JIRA.

•The framework to be used is “The Atlassian Plugin Framework 2” which is a library for developers provided to extend the functionality of Atlassian applications such as JIRA, Confluence and others. The plugin framework is part of the new plugin development platform presented by Atlassian (http://confluence.atlassian.com/display/DEVNET/Development+Platform+for+Plugin+Framework+2).

DROOLS development
•Collaborate in the design, development and testing of solutions oriented to implement Business rules in the alert system based on DROOLS.
Develop Operational Procedures
•Collaborate in the development of operational procedures for adopting the new monitoring and reporting systems in Operations.

Contribute to the Operations Centre activities
•Participate in the operational transition to the new State of Health tool at the Operation Center to ensure that the business rules are implemented.
•Participate in the development of software tools for the Operations Centre and for monitoring of the network.


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I´m one of the persons behind this project in the CTBTO, I would like to encourage anyone interested in the job to apply for it even in you don´t have an extended JIRA background.

I will be checking back this post, incase you anyone is interested

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