Web-based BPMN2 authoring in Guvnor

We have completed big parts of the integration between Guvnor and the Oryx web-based business process editor.
Our primary use cases supported by this integration are:

– Viewing existing jBPM5 processes in Guvnor
– Prototyping new jBPM5 processes in Guvnor.

Please note that we are still working on full round-tripping support between the web-based Oryx editor and our BPMN2 support provided through the eclipse plugin.

Oryx is a web-based editor for modeling business processes hosted at Google Code. Oryx is also backed by Signavio, who provides a professionally maintained version. Within Guvnor we integrate with the BPMN2 process designer provided from the Oryx branch which is maintained by Antoine Toulme. The goal of this branch is to apply upstream patches to the Oryx project and it’s latest version can be downloaded from github.

To start learning about web-based BPMN2 authoring in Guvnor click on the video link below:


The integration code is currently in the droolsjbpm project master on github. Next step is to download the designer- from here and deploy it alongside your Guvnor war ($jboss_home/server/$config/deploy for example). No further configurations are necessary. Start up your server and you can start playing with authoring BPMN2 processes in Guvnor.

As mentioned, we are currently working on further improving the integration to allow for full round-trip capabilities between processes created in the web-based editor and those created though the eclipse tooling, as well as providing detailed documentation in our docs.


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