Guvnor wars per application server

In previous Guvnor releases (up to 5.1), it wasn’t always easy to successfully deploy the guvnor war to your favorite application server.
You’d often get a cryptic stacktrace, caused by jars included in the war’s WEB-INF/lib directory clashing with jars included in the classpath by the application server. The solution was to somehow locate the offending jars and then remove those jars from the war file.

From 5.2.0.M2, we’re doing this for you. In the guvnor download zip, you ‘ll find a war file per application server and that war file successfully deploys out of the box. Note that there are no feature or bugfix differences between these wars: each of them provides the same, full-featured guvnor web application.

Currently we include a war for:

  • JBoss AS 5.1
  • JBoss AS 6
  • Tomcat 6 (which probably works on Tomcat 7 and Jetty 6 and 7)

Didn’t find your favorite application server in there? Just create an assembly descriptor (similar to these) and send us a pull request on github, and we ‘ll include it.

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