jBPM 5.1 is coming, give us your feedback on the candidate release !

We’re working hard to release jBPM 5.1 this week! We released a release candidate (jBPM 5.1.0.CR1) last week:
So if you’re interested in picking up jBPM 5.1 as soon as possible, definitely give this release candidate a try, and let us know if there are any problems left, or if you see small enhancements we could still squeeze in that would make your life easier.

This week, I’ll also be working on improving the documentation. The documentation itself is constantly growing, so I will try to restructure it a little as well, so it will be easier to find the information you might be interested in. Main ideas are to:

  • Include an overview chapter that will introduce the different components and how they work together (as people are sometimes overwhelmed by all the information on all the different components)
  • Add links between chapters, so you can more easily find more information, or what to read next once you’ve finished your current chapter.
  • Structure the documentation better, for example by component or by level of complexity.
We always welcome any feedback in this area as well, so if you have any feedback or recommendations for us, definitely let us know.


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