Speaking at Big Tech Day (Munich May 27th, 2011)

I’ll be speaking at the Big Tech Day event, sponsored by TNG.
The Event

The BTD4 The Big Techday 4 is a one-day conference on science and technology, particularly IT.
Language The conference language is German. However, several talks, especially from invited speakers, are given in English.
Time The Big Techday 4 is scheduled for the 27th of May, 2011 in Munich. Admittance opens at 8:30. The programme is running from 9:00 up to about 17:30, with a lunch break. A relaxed evening reception runs up to about 22:00.
Venue The venue is the HVB Forum in the Munich city center.
Food During the whole event, cost-free catering is provided, including coffee breaks, lunch buffet and a simple dinner.
Registration Participation in the Big Techday is free of charge. Due to the high number of participants, the registration is closed. In case of questions please talk to the person that invited you.

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