Argentine Workshop Update

An update on the Argentina June Workshop!

Most of the core developers of the jBPM and Drools team have been trying desperately to get to Buenos Aires. But the volcano in Chile has made that very difficult.

I’m back home, never got any further than Madrid, so they put me on a flight back home instead after two days of hotel and no immediate opportunity to still go the Buenos Aires. I’ll do my jBPM5 presentation remotely and will try to be available as much as possible (man, this is Eyjafjallajokull all over again).

But it seems like the volcano issues are dying out. As a result of all this delay though, the Thursday workshop day will unfortunately have to be cancelled. But Friday is confirmed, so the workshop will take place! We’ll just have to rearrange the content a little into one day again. And this will give everyone the opportunity to reach Buenos Aires in time as well.

But you can’t argue with nature! So enjoy the trip and the workshop, from what I’ve heard it’s worth it ;)


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