jBPM Form Builder project startup

Greetings from Argentina. My name is Mariano De Maio. I’m currently working for Osde on a jBPM sub project for Form Building. Osde is the largest healthcare organisation in Argentina and a big believer and investor in Open Source technologies; they are making it possible for me to work full time on this project for the next year or so.

The jBPM Form Builder is a GWT based form creation UI with the intention of exposing forms to be rendered in a technology agnostic way. This means that through a common interface, and without having to install anything on your computer, you can create forms in a user-friendly to target multiple mediums – GWT (HTML), Flash, PDF etc.

It’s intended (at least at first) to provide Human Task forms for the jBPM process definitions, and the first rendering implementations are going to be for script languages like freemarker. But the whole idea of the project is to create a multisystem form developing platform that can provide form definitions at runtime. We intend to build a full MS Access like framework for forms.

The work will all be under the Apache Software License. We don’t feel there is anything out there under a liberal ASL/BSD/MIT like license that provides a level of slickness that we wish to achieve. Here’s a screenshot of the project as it is at this moment:

You can watch the video from the screenshot above here

It is a great opportunity for everyone who wants to be a part of an interesting project. Feel free to fork the github repo, check it out, or feel free to contact me on the droolsdev IRC

You can download the code from here, and here is where the project is located.
Thanks for your time!



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