SwitchYard integration is coming for jBPM

For those who might not be familiar,

SwitchYard is a lightweight service delivery framework providing full lifecycle support for developing, deploying, and managing service-oriented applications.

You mean like an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)? Yeah, kind of. At it’s core, SwitchYard provides an embeddable services runtime with limited dependencies, allowing you to deploy and run services where you need them. The main difference between SwitchYard and traditional ESB offerings is that we are trying to make the runtime a transparent detail in the service lifecycle. SwitchYard aims to keep you focused on your services by providing tooling to help define, test, and manage the important details of a service – it’s contract, policies, configuration, composition, and management . After all, the least important detail of your service is where it runs.

Good news, as this next-generation ESB will already offer jBPM integration in its 0.2 release, where SwitchYard services can easily be invoked from inside a jBPM process, as a domain-specific service.

For more information, check out the Wiki document and the associated example about the SwitchYard BPM component.


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