jbpm-examples (part 1)

As already mentioned in the jBPM 5.1 release notes, there is now a new jbpm-examples module that contains a set of sample BPMN2 processes that show how to model and use some of the features, like how to do looping and multi-instances, human task management and task forms, etc.

You can simply import the jbpm-examples folder in Eclipse to take a look at the processes and test and debug them using the associated Java main classes or junit tests.

The largest set of processes is probably the BPMN2 junit tests. For most of the BPMN2 constructs that are currently supported, there are probably one or a few tests that show how it works. On top of that, there are a few larger examples that show some more advanced features, like:

  • looping
  • multi-instances
  • human tasks (including user / group assignment, delegation, forms, etc.)
  • process + rules integration (see part 2)

The jbpm-examples can be found as one of the artefacts in the download section. There is a separate chapter on these examples in the documenation. And the sources can be found here.

Enjoy and learn!

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