Release: Call to Relieve Constraints on AI

Rules Fest 2011


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The Need to Relieve Constraints on Artificial Intelligence

Addressed at Rules Fest 2011

Veteran AI Leaders Paul Haley and Said Tabet Slated to Address Developers

San Francisco, CA, August 2, 2011– Organizers today posted the abstracts for keynote speakers for Rules Fest 2011, the International Conference on Reasoning Technologies, a conference by developers for developers scheduled for the San Francisco Bay Area this October 2011.

In a session titled “Roadmap for Rules, Semantics, and Business,” Paul Haley, who has been working to commercialize artificial intelligence for more than three decades, says understanding the requirements for semantic technology in enterprise vs. the capabilities of rules engines exposes the need for more classic artificial intelligence and reasoning in our technology, more emphasis on knowledge than rules in our services, and more emphasis on knowledge technology strategy in the executive suite. Haley will discuss the challenge that while semantic technology is inevitably mainstream, it remains largely divorced from the activity of knowledge engineering as practiced using business rule engines embedded within business process management or complex event processing systems.

Semantic technology encodes meanings separately from data and content files, and separately from application code. This enables machines as well as people to understand, share and reason with them at execution time. Semantic technologies make it easy to add, change and implement new relationships or interconnecting programs in a different way. For example, a context-aware, semantically-enabled system is able to distinguish terms that are labeled differently but have the same meaning, as well as terms that share the same label but have entirely different meanings.

Cloud trust, information governance, risk management, and compliance, distributed systems, mobile applications all offer a unique opportunity to realize the true potential of knowledge technology. These systems are usually covered by service level agreements that are rules-based.

Dr. Tabet’s discussion, “Semantic Technologies and the Cloud: Rules for the Next Generation,” addresses the major challenges in information management while the business environment also witnesses the drastic shift to cloud computing. Dr. Tabet will address the trend of constraining artificial intelligence and knowledge technologies in legacy environments, and says enterprise knowledge management needs strong semantic technologies, powerful inferencing systems, and advanced machine learning capabilities – not more sophisticated spreadsheets. Dr. Tabet was a co-founder of the RuleML Initiative in 2000, involved in artificial intelligence and its applications for well over a decade. He recently refocused his efforts on RuleML and Business Rules, XML, RDF and the Semantic Web as well as deductive reasoning in financial services.

Rules Fest, hosted by the non-profit Rules Fest Association, is a technical conference geared toward software developers, engineers, programmers and architects who create solutions to complex computing problems using reasoning technologies: rule-engines, logical reasoners, constraint-solvers, and other such building-blocks of practical artificial intelligence (AI). More than 200 developers, engineers, programmers, and architects from around the globe are expected to attend the conference in Burlingame, California.

The conference will also feature a Career Center to address the war for developer talent in technology companies. Companies seeking advanced programming talent are invited to submit their open positions for posting at no charge.

Conference Fee and Package Pricing
The standard fee for the conference is $499. All bootcamps – addressing specific programming challenges and technologies — are $299. For a limited time, Rules Fest organizers are offering an early bird rate of $1249 including an all-access conference pass, four nights at the Hyatt Regency Burlingame, a boot camp of choice, and 10% off from next year’s conference. This “early bird” rate is available until September 30. Early discounts are also available for general admission and for bootcamps without a hotel stay. To register, attendees should visit the conference registration site on the conference website.

About Rules Fest
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