Drools & jBPM Boot Camp (Healthcare Focus) : San Francisco Oct 2011

We are still looking for more healthcare speakers, particularly someone who can do a talk on ontologies, see here for previous announcement. We have a preliminary program now for the two day event, the wiki page contains the live information that is updated regularly. Here is a copy below:

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The Drools & jBPM event is free, but you MUST BE REGISTERED to attend. Registration will be possible on the main rulesfest website shortly, here – http://rulesfest.org/html/registration.html.



  • Hyatt Regency, Burlingame, San Francisco, CA


  • Rules Fest – October 2011 – Mon 24th to Wed 26th
  • Drools & jBPM Boot Camp – October 2011 – Thu 27th to Fri 28th
    • Thu general tech for Drools & jBPM rules, workflow, event processing, ontologies
    • Fri Healthcare focus



  • Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm



Contact Details

  • Rules Fest – Jason Morris – info at rulesfest d0t org
  • Drools & jBPM (general) – Prakash Aradhya – paradhya at redhat d0t com
  • Drools & jBPM (technical) – Mark Proctor – mproctor at codehaus d0t com

Previous Boot Camps

Drools Boot Camp : San Diego April 2010

Drools Boot Camp : San Francisco June 2009


Mon – Wed (Rules Fest)

General talks covering a variety of topics related to reasoning systems, rules, workflow, agents, ontologies, uncertaintity.

Paul Haley will give the key note (not to be missed) “Paul Haley to Keynote Rules Fest”.

Rest of agenda see here http://rulesfest.org/html/agenda.html

Thu (Drools & jBPM, Free)

General Drools & jBPM day with presenters from Red Hat and core community members. This day is suitable for all and will provide an introduction and overview to Drools and jBPM and ow they are used.

SubjectPresentation Title
Mark ProctorRed HatDrools Expert
Introduction to what a Rule Engine is and the capabilities of Drools Expert. This will cover both the Drools technical language and Decision Table theory.
Tiho SurdilovicRed HatDrools Fusion (cep)Complex Event Processing facilitates event correlation and temporal comparison. Fusion extends Drools to provide CEP capabilities. Come learn what CEP, what type of problems it helps solve and how it’s done with Drools.


Introduction to what BPMN2 is, why it matters and how jBPM works.
Ray PloskiRed Hat


(web tooling/brms)

Guvnor provides server side knowledge mangement, authoring and deployment capalities. This talk introduces these concepts and provides live demos of everything coming together.
Davide SottaraUS Navy Healthcare

Drools Expert

(Semantics and Ontologies)

What are semantic ontologies and what research is underway with Drools to help. Will also introduce the base founation of Traits, which provides dynamic and type safe duck typing.
Mark ProctorRed Hat

Drools Expert


Learn how to write Adventure games with Drools.

Fri (Drools & jBPM & Healthcare, Free)

Healthcare focus, especially clinical. This day will be predominantly industry lead with professionals doing most of the talks. None healthcare people are welcome to join, but be aware that this day is specialised healthcare problems their problems.

Titles and abstracts are still being fleshed out and subject to change, check back regularly for changes.

Presentation Title and Abstract
Captain Emory FryUS Navy HealthcareDelivering Real-Time Clinical Decision Support
Diego NayaOSDEImproving Healthcare customer service with Drools and jBPM5


PlugtreeEmergency Services in action.
Esteban AlivertiPlugtreeEfficient Staff Rostering with Drools Planner
Nathan BellPharmacy OneSource

Speed Saves Lives: Leveraging a massively parallel expert system for patient surveillance

Pharmacy OneSource is a SaaS provider of applications for hospital pharmacy and infection prevention professionals. This case study will discuss the steps taken to develop a next-generation patient surveillance platform that allows clinicians to accurately detect risk factors, and perform interventions. The platform leverages the GigaSpaces implementation of Tuple-space and the Drools rule engine to create a massively parallel expert system. This architecture allows for customizable handling of millions of HL7 messages per day, evaluation of thousands of clinician created business rules, and reasoning over hundreds of thousands of patient data facts to provide near-real-time surveillance.

Dave WalsheServices Group

Medicare and Medicaid look to rules for the future of healthcare

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), an agency of the Federal government, has aggressive plans to modernize healthcare administrative systems and Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR).

The use of Rules and Business Process Management are a focal point for the new systems. This session will describe how Medicare and Medicaid work and how the government (Federal and State) is looking for Rules and BPM to help change both the administrative and clinical environments. This session will look at the Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) and how Rules and BPM can augment this Service Oriented Architecture. We will discuss how to get involved in some of the many projects that are currently underway.

Speaker Bios

Captain Emory Fry

Nathan Bell

Dave Walsh

Dave Walsh is CEO of eServices Group. eServices Group is a software development firm focused on supplying software products to meet the needs of Medicaid and Medicare for over 18 years. Mr. Walsh also chairs the MITA Technical Architecture Committee (TAC). The TAC is an industry collaborative that is focused on supporting the Federal government and States in the definition of the next generation Medicaid systems based on SOA, BPM and rules.

Diego Naya

Esteban Aliverti

Mauricio Salatino

Davide Sottara


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