jBPM Form Builder follow-up: advanced UI components

I’m happy to announce new advanced UI components are now available in the form builder, as well as a preview option to show content in GWT form. The following screenshot will take you to a video showing a brief snapshot of these new functions:
Among the UI components we’re working to get added, we should mention the following:
Rich Text Editor: With the purpose of allowing decorated text
Calendar date picker: To pick dates without having to write them manually
AJaX file ulpoad: For being able to upload files while the end user continues to load the form
image rolodex: Still working on this one, to get to see a rolodex of uploaded images and flip through them interactively
However, this last couple of weeks I’ve been working mostly on increasing the test coverage, which had been left behind for quite a while, and I’m happy to inform we have now some pretty decent numbers for the server side!
Not too bad for just a couple of weeks 😀
Cheers from Argentina. Feel free to comment


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